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Developing Configuration Management System (DCMS)

Evorestte is specialized in developing the internal configuration system for organizations, and this includes paper trails, process mapping, authorization systems, electronic signatures, integrated change requests, standardization of documents formats, archiving and execution of documents.

What is Configuration Management

  • Developing Configuration Management System is a system process for establishing, enhancing and maintaining consistency of an organizational documentation performance, functional & physical documents attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout the document life.

Advantages of Configuration Management

  • Configuration Management, when applied over the life cycle of a system, provides visibility and control of its performance, functional, and physical attributes.

  • This process facilitates orderly management of system information and system changes for such beneficial purposes as to revise capability; improve performance, reliability, or maintainability; extend life; reduce cost; reduce risk and liability; or correct defects.


Disadvantages of Configuration Management

  • The lack of Configuration Management, or its ineffective implementation, can be very expensive and sometimes can have such catastrophic consequences such as failure of equipment or loss of life.


Evorestte is a training, consultation & outsourcing company that aims to provide a full range of project management enhancing solutions to the fast growing market, We continually strive to deliver exceptional services and achieve excellent results throughout different sectors.


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